Research & Development

The use of plastic materials is a valuable option for carbon capture systems (CC). The BECAPTURE concept involves using plastic materials in vital parts to make processes more efficient to reduce greenhouse gasses and mitigating climate change.

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The two approaches to Carbon Capture Systems

One approach that has been explored is to use plastic materials, such as polymer resins, that have a high affinity for CO2 to adsorb or absorb CO2 from flue gas emissions or other sources. These plastic materials can be designed to selectively capture CO2 while allowing other gases to pass through, and then be separated and stored for long-term sequestration or utilization.

Another approach is to utilize plastic materials in the form of microcapsules or microbeads that are filled with a solvent capable of absorbing CO2. These microcapsules or microbeads can be incorporated into coatings or membranes, which can be applied to industrial equipment or shipping containers, to capture CO2 during operation or transit.

Advantages of plastic materials in CCS

Plastic materials offer potential advantages for carbon capture systems due to their high surface area, tunable properties, and scalability. They can be designed to be lightweight, durable, and cost-effective, which could make them suitable for large-scale industrial applications. However, there are also concerns related to the environmental impact of plastic materials, such as their potential for leakage or release into the environment, and the long-term storage and disposal of plastic waste.

The use of plastic materials for carbon capture is still in the early stages of research and development, and further studies and testing are needed to fully understand their feasibility, effectiveness, and potential environmental impacts in industrial production and shipping contexts. It’s also important to consider a holistic approach to addressing climate change, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the source, promoting renewable energy, and exploring a range of other carbon capture and storage technologies alongside plastic materials. This is where BECAPTURE comes in.