BECAPTURE, a leader in developing and producing Carbon Capture Systems, is committed to sustainability in its production processes and is making a positive impact on the environment in several ways.

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Circular Economy in Action: Recycling and Waste Reduction

Recycling is a key aspect of both BECAPTURE’s sustainability efforts. The company already recycles various raw materials into new products at its production sites, including materials from internal productions or products collected from clients for recycling. At BECAPTURE we actively seek environmentally-friendly solutions in collaboration with our partners, demonstrating our commitment to finding sustainable practices throughout all our operations.

Waste reduction is another important focus for BECAPTURE. We encourage clients to recycle their old products and materials at our facilities, instead of discarding them as plastic waste. By recycling and giving waste a new life as a new product, BECAPTURE is contributing to reducing plastic waste and promoting circular economy principles.

Reduced Energy Dependency: Solar Power Investment

BECAPTURE is also investing significantly in solar power energy and battery storage solutions for its production sites. This move towards renewable energy sources will not only provide the company with green energy but also enable large-scale energy storage, ultimately improving its carbon footprint.

Reducing energy dependency is a priority for BECAPTURE, and we have plans to set up a solar power facility with a battery storage capacity of 1 MWh at our Fredrikstad location by the end of 2022. The facility will consist of solar panels on the ground, factory roof, and outside walls, with a goal to produce over 40% of the facility’s total energy requirement through solar power.

Making a Lasting Impact: Sustainability Throughout the Value Chain

In addition to its recycling and renewable energy efforts, BECAPTURE is also actively working with different industries and products to promote sustainability throughout the value chain. The company is committed to using recycled materials in its products, positioning itself advantageously for upcoming EU demands for approximately 40% recycled material in new products in the coming years.

BECAPTURE’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its recycling initiatives, waste reduction efforts, investments in solar power, and commitment to circular economy principles. By prioritizing sustainable practices throughout its operations, BECAPTURE is making a positive impact on the environment and leading the way in promoting sustainability in the production of Carbon Capture Systems.